Track what your clients eat.

Get detailed reports of all your clients in one place

Client dashboard, phone and client breakdown

Free yourself from managing individual client food logs, tedious spreadsheets and inaccurate calculations.


Client Dashboard

A consolidated view of your clients

  • Track all client activity and compliance in one view.
  • Get access to individual, detailed reports of daily nutrition, meals, and targets.
  • Review client compliance at-a-glance.
Screenshot of client dashboard

Macro planning

Flexibility for you and your clients

  • Set personalized calorie and macro targets for each client.
  • Vary macros per day, tailoring them to activity level and calendar changes.
  • Select from target types that include calories, macros and just logging a food diary.
Screenshot of macro planning and schedule


Visualize your clients' progress

  • Access calculations and reports in real-time.
  • Get valuable metrics like caloric intake, weight, and waist size.
  • View exact measurements with trend lines for at-a-glance analysis of your clients.
Screenshot of reports

Client Check-ins

Get insight beyond macros

  • Select qualitative questions to be answered by your clients quickly and easily while using the app.
  • Vary check-in schedule for each client.
  • View answers for each check-in in one view to identify trends and progress.
Screenshot of qualitative check-ins

Joy Health Tracker

A first-class experience for your clients

  • The Joy Health Tracker app is free for your clients, through your personalized invitation.
  • Gone are the days of clients running around using different apps — or worse, sending screen shots of hand written journals.
  • Everything is in one place for you and your client.
Screenshot of journal

Video Overview

Why Joy for Business?

Whatever you are doing to help your clients with nutrition, Joy will make it better — for you and them.

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The Competition



Popularity is the hallmark of mediocrity

  • No client dashboard or link to your clients. Manual sharing.
  • Community-sourced foods are often inaccurate
  • Takes too long to log meals
  • Privacy nightmare, your data is given away like hot cakes


Jack of all trades, master of none

  • Overwhelming feature set
  • Hard to navigate — busy interface
  • Amount of information is distracting
  • Drastically different web and app versions
  • Clients cannot group their foods and entries


Ruined the world economy in 2008. Should it ruin diets too?

  • Entirely manual and labor-intensive
  • No real-time view into client activity
  • No accountability for clients, with set goals and macros
  • Your time is valuable. Spend less time with the tools and more helping clients
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