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Joy supports any diet and all goals.

  • Fasting? Adjust or skip meals.
  • Counting carbs? Quickly view net carbs and fiber for any entry.
  • Gaining weight? Go ahead, set a surplus caloric target.
  • Cycling macros? Vary your targets per day.


You're hungry - spend less time logging.

  • Creature of habit? Recent entries are always accessible.
  • Add entries in bulk.
    Not just individually.
  • Copy entries, meals or entire days.
  • Create and tweak recipes on the fly.


We use a professionally curated food database.

  • No inaccurate community-entered foods.
  • Thousands of consumer packaged goods.
  • Full catalog of popular restaurants.
  • USDA generic foods for staples.


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  • No ads. Your attention and focus are valuable.
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